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About The Dangers Of A Painful Cavity & The Cost To Get It Filled

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Are you dealing with bad pain from a cavity but don't want to make a dentist appointment? It is in your best interest to get the cavity treated before it becomes worse, which can lead to a dangerous abscess. Find out below why a painful cavity is more serious than you may think, as well as what a filling is estimated to cost.

What Makes a Painful Cavity Dangerous?

When your cavity is painful, it is a good sign that your pulp chamber is in harm. The pulp chamber is at the lowest layer of your tooth and contains nerves. If your cavity decays down to the pulp chamber, the nerves can die and you will no longer feel any pain. You need the pain because it is how your body naturally alerts you that something is wrong. There are also blood vessels in the pulp chamber than can get damaged if the cavity gets deeper.

You can also end up with an abscess if you don't get the cavity treated fast enough. It is possible for the abscess to grow under your tooth or on your gums. An abscess is dangerous because it has toxic pus inside of it, which is why it develops as a lump. The lump can also become painful from the pus pressing against your gum tissue. If bacteria from plaque get inside of the cavity, it is what will put you at risk for getting an abscess.

A root canal will be necessary if you get an abscess, so you should avoid it at all costs. A root canal involves a dentist having to drill a hole in your tooth if the cavity is not deep enough. He or she will then remove damaged nerves and blood vessels from the pulp chamber. Getting the cavity filled is the best thing that you can do to avoid the need for more dental procedures.

What Does it Cost on Average to Get a Cavity Filled?

Your cavity can be filled for as low as $50 if you want silver amalgam put in it, but the filling will be noticeable because of the color of it. You will have to spend at least $90 plus if you want a tooth-colored filling that blends with the natural enamel of your teeth. Make a dental appointment to get your cavity filled so you can protect the pulp chamber!

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