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5 Foods For Your Teen To Eat After Having An Adjustment To Their Braces

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After having an adjustment done to their braces, your teen may start to complain that their mouth is sore. After all, once an adjustment is done, the teeth are going to being shifting, which can be both painful and uncomfortable. In fact, your teen probably is going to be too sore to even eat much on top of having limited food options in the first place because of the braces. Here are five foods that can provide a solution:  

  1. Eggs: It won't take much chewing to get eggs down for breakfast in the morning. Skipping the bowl of hard cereal is definitely best when your teen's mouth is sore. Filling them up with scrambled eggs is a great way to get their bellies full. On top of this, eggs are a great source of protein, which is perfect, especially before having to go to school or a sporting activity. 
  2. Yogurt: There are many yogurt flavor options, so it shouldn't be too difficult finding a yogurt that your teen will actually enjoy. This makes the perfect lunch pick me up. If your teen's teeth are that sore, you may want to stock up on larger yogurt containers instead of the small, snack-size options so that it will fill up your teen's belly more. 
  3. Soup: Another good option for lunch would be soup. Any kind of soup should be fine for your teen to consume since everything that is cooked into a soup is mostly going to end up mushy enough that your teen won't have to chew. This is also a good option for dinner, especially since you can load up on as many veggies, meats, and noodles as you want without having to worry about your teen not being able to consume it. This provides them with enough nutrients to keep them full. 
  4. Mashed Potatoes: Mashed potatoes make a good pairing for any meal, especially for dinner with a cup of soup. Mashed potatoes are a starch, which will help fill your teen up quickly. You can even add sour cream to it and cheese for some extra goodness your teen is sure to enjoy.
  5. Quinoa:  Quinoa is a grain that is a great substitute for pasta. Although your teen may be able to eat pasta, it doesn't have nearly as much nutritional value as quinoa does. When your teen isn't able to eat as much because their mouth is sore, including quinoa in their diet is a great way to ensure that your teen is getting so much needed protein for the day. 

When you know some of the main, nutritious foods that are good for your teen to eat while their teeth are getting used to the new adjustments, you can be sure that your teen isn't going a long number of days without a healthy diet. For further assistance, contact a local dentist.