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Thinking of Getting Invisalign and Not Sure You Can Afford It? How Can You Pay for It?

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As adults, many people don't want the look or feel of braces on their teeth in order to correct them when they are crooked. The thought of the traditional metal braces typically worn by children aren't very appealing to adults. There is another option in Invisalign or clear braces, with which you can have your teeth corrected without anyone being the wiser. You might worry about whether you can afford clear braces and wonder how you can pay for them.

Cost of Invisalign or Clear Braces

Clear braces, while they are great for fixing crooked teeth and appearing invisible to the untrained eye, are not inexpensive. They can range anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on how crooked your teeth are and how long it will take to fix them. Traditional braces tend to be cheaper than clear braces and usually range about $3,000 to $7,500 depending on your dental needs and what services your dentist or orthodontist is including in the price.

Payment for Invisalign

Invisalign treatments are definitely something you would need to budget for, but it doesn't have to be out of your own financial range. There might be payment options available to you, and since many dental experts have their own pricing, you can shop around and see whether there are any within your budget range. Since Invisalign works in the same manner braces do to fix crooked teeth, your insurance company might cover either the entire cost of the braces or at least a good portion of it.

Another option you have is taking out a personal or installment loan. This loan can cover the entire cost of treatment. You will then make payments of an agreed amount over time. It usually takes months to several years to pay back a personal loan, and you will need some form of collateral if the loan is on the high end.

Payment Plan

While many dentists and specialists ask for payment upfront while you receive the amount through your insurance company at a later date, many providers will work with you by setting up a payment plan. You will set up a time frame of when to pay for the work completed without having to come up with the full amount upfront.

Flexible Spending Account

It might be possible for you to set up a loan or payment plan if you have a flexible spending account through your employer. You may be able to set aside a certain amount of your salary to go toward paying for medical or dental bills.  

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