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What About Dental Implants?

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If you are already missing teeth or you are going to be going in to have some extracted, then your dentist has more than likely been going over your different options with you for replacements. However, if you're like most people you get home and find that you come up with a dozen more questions that you wished you had asked while you were in the office. Dental implants can be a fantastic choice for tooth replacement, but there are many considerations you should make when deciding on whether or not you and implants are going to be the best fit. Here are some questions and answers people tend to have about implants.

Are implants painful?

Most people want to know what to expect with regards to the pain they will experience. Since implants are fused right to your bone, you can expect some pain. However, don't let this be what detours you from getting implants because your dentist will make sure the pain is managed with medications during the healing process.

Is it hard to be approved as a good candidate for implants?

Your dentist will need to make sure you are going to be a good fit for them. However, there isn't too much involved with being approved for implants. As long as you don't have any conditions that affect your healing speed, you aren't fighting any infections and you have good bone density, you have a good chance of being Ok'd for implants.

What will the end result of dental implants be?

Once you have your dental implants in and you have healed up from the entire process you will have fully functioning teeth that look, act and feel like all of your other natural teeth. Since they have been permanently connected directly to your jaw bone you will have the next best thing to real teeth. You will need to keep in mind that while they are strong, then can still break and become damaged, just as natural teeth can be. So, you want to continue to take care with what you eat and how you treat them.

Now that you have a more clear understanding of what dental implants are all about, you may find that you feel more comfortable choosing them as the best option for you. If you continue to have concerns then you should make an appointment to go back in and speak to your dentist regarding any of the other concerns you have so you can get all of the answers you need directly from them. For more information, contact establishments like Advanced Dentistry of St. Charles.