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3 Ways Dentists Make Their Offices More Friendly And Inviting For Children

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Dentists know that many children are wary about going to the dentist, and for this reason, they work hard to make their dental office as friendly and as inviting to these children as they possibly can. This article will discuss 3 great ways that dentists make their offices more friendly and inviting for children. 

A Variety Of Toys In The Waiting Room 

Since dentists want your child to have a positive experience at the dentist from the get-go, they will often fill their waiting room with a variety of fun toys for your child to play with and other things for your child to do. There will likely be toys that they can play with such as puzzles and blocks, as well as electronic games that are mounted to the wall. A movie will also probably be showing in the waiting room for those who would like to watch, and there will be a variety of books for children to look at and read. 

Headphones And Televisions On The Ceiling

When your child first goes back and is put in the dental chair, this may be the scariest part for them. Even if you are with them they may feel a bit uneasy. In order to help them feel more calm and relaxed, many dentists have had televisions installed above the dental chairs with headphones that your child can wear to hear them. Dentists will often use a move service provider that allows your child to choose from a variety of different TV shows or movies. The goal of having your child watch this is to them happy and entertained during their visit, and keep them from worrying too much about what is going on in their mouth. 

Rewards For Good Brushing

If your child knows that they are going to receive some type of reward for good brushing when they go to the dentist, then they are likely going to work hard to brush their teeth and they are going to be excited to show the dentist just how good their tooth look. Dentists know this, and for this reason they have implemented several different rewards for their patients. Many dentists offer a small reward like a sticker or a small toy for good brushing or no cavities. However, they often have bigger drawings that these children are entered into as well, and the prizes are much bigger. These include things like large amounts of cash, electronic gaming devices, bikes, scooters, and more.

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