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4 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

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If you are looking for ways to improve the color of your teeth, there are multiple applications available. Here are a few of them:

Over-the-counter Whitening

Over-the-counter whitening kits use a peroxide-based formula to bleach dental discoloration from the teeth. These whitening products are usually effective at removing light to medium dental stains that come from food, drinks or tobacco. The products may be applied as a gel or whitening solution and may require several weeks of use before a noticeable difference is scene.

Although over-the-counter whitening can be effective, it can also be damaging to the teeth if it is not used as directed. People who use over-the-counter whitening products more often than prescribed may experience an increase in dental sensitivity.

Professional At-home Whitening 

Professional at-home whitening kits are usually provided by dental professionals. The kits often include a mouth tray that is molded to fit the patient's mouth exactly. The customized tray helps ensure that the teeth are properly and evenly exposed to the whitening agent to produce great results.

In addition, the whitening gel used in a professional at-home whitening kit is usually more concentrated than the gels that are used in over-the-counter products. Thus, quicker, whiter results may be achieved.

In-office Whitening

Your dentist may offer teeth whitening applications that are performed in his or her office. The application is performed by a professional, so the dental patient does not have to be concerned about getting it wrong.

The dentist usually applies a protective base to the gums to ensure that they are not irritated during the whitening session. Then, the whitening solution or gel is applied to the teeth, and the teeth are exposed to a specialized ultraviolet light to help make the whitening solution even more effective.

An in-office whitening session may result in the teeth being several shades lighter. Still, to achieve the desired level of whiteness, a few sessions may be needed.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can be used to whiten the teeth in instances in which chemical whitening is ineffective. For people who have suffered dental trauma, the resulting discoloration may not respond to chemical bleaches. In addition, people who have teeth that are discolored from the use of a medication or from a congenital condition may need to use veneers to whiten their teeth.

Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or resin that can be affixed to the front surface of the teeth to make the teeth appear perfectly white and straight. Since the veneers conceal the discoloration, they are at effective whitening all types darkened teeth.

If you are interested in having your teeth whitened, consult with a cosmetic dentist in your area.