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Tips For Experiencing The Best Root Canal Recovery Possible

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If you are scheduled to have your first root canal, you may be nervous and wondering how much it is going to hurt. Thanks to modern dental techniques, having a root canal is no more painful than having a tooth filled. However, taking steps to limit your pain after your root canal is important and in your control. Follow these tips for experiencing the most successful recovery after a root canal.

Residual Numbness And Eating Is Not A Good Combination

Remember your gums will remain numb for awhile after your root procedure is over. Bear in mind that just because you cannot feel the area of of your root canal does not mean the tissue that is numb cannot be damaged by things like hot foods. You should avoid crunchy foods as well. You might think that eating while your gums are numb is the best way to get in a quick meal before the numbness wears off, but some foods can seriously damage your temporary crown. The last thing you need when the numbness wears off is the pain associated with a broken crown, meaning you will be headed right back to the dentist for repairs. You risk biting your tongue and inside your jaw if you eat while numb as well. Only eat soft foods that are room temperature for the first few days after your root canal.

Make Plans For Taking It Easy

Before your root canal procedure, make plans for a few days at home to rest and relax. Your dental professional will likely prescribe pain medications for you that may make you sleepy or dizzy, so planning for a few days kicked back on the couch is a good idea.

  • Ask a good friend or family member to hang out with you during this time, especially if you are unsure about how the pain medication may affect you.

  • Take a trip to the grocer before your appointment and get plenty of juices and soft foods so you will have everything you need on hand. The last thing you need to be doing while taking pain medication is driving to the supermarket.

  • Now is the time to read a good book or watch the movies you've been wanting to see. Have your books near your couch or bed and a television set up nearby for watching movies.

  • Alert your boss ahead of time that you may a day or so off from work after your procedure. Never go to work while taking prescribed pain medications, even if you have someone drive you.

Taking care of your teeth may mean your having a root canal. If so, planning ahead for it can help make your procedure and the time to recover afterward a lot easier and less painful.

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