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Instances Where You DO NOT Want Others To See Your Braces And How Invisalign Helps

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As an adult, you would like to think that you are not as self-conscious as you were when you were a teenager or a kid. That is not always true, especially when you are meeting new people or running into certain people you have a crush on. When you decide to get braces as an adult, you may be more self-conscious than you expected because you can see and feel the brackets and wires. There are also very specific situations where braces are not something you want others to see. Here are some of those situations and how Invisalign (invisible, removable braces) can help.

You Are a Soldier

Being a soldier and staying alive is tricky enough without a mouth full of metal. Now imagine that you are captured and you have a mouth full of metal braces. The enemy would know instantly how to torture you, which might include:

  • Punching you repeatedly in the face and mouth so that the brackets cut your lips and cheeks
  • Pulling the braces off and out of your mouth

If at all possible, you should consider getting braces prior to re-enlisting or only during peace time. Otherwise, invisible braces would really be ideal because they would not be detected by a metal detector, nor would anyone know that you are wearing them because they cannot see them when you talk or show your teeth.

You Meet Regularly with People in the Deaf Community Who Rely on Lip-Reading Skills

Lip-reading has a lot to do with watching what the teeth and tongue do as well. When you have metal braces, it changes the way your lips and tongue move when you speak. A person who is deaf and reads lips cannot read them as easily when the lips, tongue, and teeth belong to someone with braces. If you frequently meet with people from the Deaf community who read lips, consider invisible braces because they do not get in the way of your usual mouth movements or confuse and confound lip-readers.

You Work as a News Anchor and Correspondent 

When your job constantly puts you in the public eye, you do not want to distract viewers from important news with a flashing grill. The powerful lights used on camera equipment bounce off metal braces in a very distracting way. If you are reporting news from around the globe and you want viewers to pay attention to the news and not the glare and sparkle off your teeth, get invisible, removable braces. That way, you can either wear them on camera with no issues or remove them just for your telecast.

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