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Dealing With Pain After You Have A Dental Crown Placed

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Most people would not think a dental crown would cause someone pain after they have it positioned in their mouth. Unfortunately, pain is possible, making the recipient worry about what the cause may be should this occur to them. if you are experiencing pain after having a crown recently placed, a trip to a dentist will be necessary to determine the reasoning behind your discomfort. Here are some steps that will be taken to get your mouth back into tip-top shape when dealing with dental crown pain.

Understanding Why Pain Occurs

The pain you feel after a crown is placed is usually caused by the underlying root. If you did not have a root canal procedure performed before having a crown inserted over your existing tooth, there is the possibility of the nerve having been damaged due to an improper bite if the crown is not the exact shape and size as the tooth you had covered. The pressure of your biting down may have pressed against the underlying nerve, causing you pain as a result. This pain is usually worse if you grind your teeth in your sleep.

Determine If Tooth Grinding Is A Problem

Your dentist will do an evaluation of your teeth and your jaw to see if there are any indications that you are grinding your teeth as you slumber. One sign is tightness in the jaw area upon waking. Your dentist will ask you to bite down on a piece of paper to see if the crown creates a sharp indentation where impact is created. If so, your dentist will most likely file down the top portion of the crown so grinding is less likely to occur. The pain may subside after this procedure as the nerves under the crown will not have as much pressure being pushed upon them.

Removing The Root Portion Of The Underlying Tooth

If it is determined you have an infection of the tooth underneath the crown that was just placed, your dentist will make every effort to remove the root without removing the crown to do so. A small hole will be drilled in the tooth and the root will be extracted through this void. It would then be filled back in with a composite filling. If the crown needs to be removed to expose the root for a root canal procedure, you will need to have a new crown constructed to fit back over your original tooth.

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