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Four Dental Implant Myths You Need To Know The Truth About

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Anybody that is considering dental implants is going to do their research. Unfortunately, the world wide web can be filled with misinformation about the topic that can make you worried about having it done. Here is the truth behind four of those myths that you may have heard about.

Myth 1: The Implant Surgical Procedure Is Very Complicated

During the consultation for dental implants, the dentist explains to you how the surgical procedure will go. You'll need to get x-rays and take preliminary tests in order to tell if getting the dental implants will even be possible.

Once approved for the procedure, know that there are two parts of the process. First, the titanium posts will be placed into the jaw to hold the fake tooth in place. Once the posts integrate into the jawbone, you'll return for the second part of the process to have the crowns placed on the post. Both parts of the procedure are very straightforward.

Myth 2: The Implant Surgical Procedure Is Painful

Another misconception is that the surgical procedure involved with dental implants will be painful. Thankfully, anesthesia will cause you to not feel or remember anything during the actual procedure itself. While you will have soreness and a recovery period after the surgery, it is similar to other surgical procedures of the same nature.

For the recovery process, expect to feel discomfort, but you can receive prescription pain medication in order to help deal with it.

Myth 3: The Implants Don't Need To Be Cleaned

You may have fake teeth with dental implants, but it is important that you take care of them just as if they were real teeth. While the tooth itself is not likely to become damaged, the gums that surround the implant can be. Gum disease can be a huge problem when you have dental implants, because the implants could fail if the jawbone starts to deteriorate.

Stick to brushing twice a day, making sure to brush along the gumline. This will help keep your teeth in great shape.

Myth 4: The Implants Can Be Notice By Others

The purpose of a dental implant is to give a seamless look that won't be noticed by other people around you. The color of a fake tooth can be matched to the remained of your teeth, helping them blend in seamlessly.

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