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3 Common Foods That Are Eating Your Teeth

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The look and health of your smile is important, but most people do not realize how big a role their diet plays on their teeth. While eating a well-balanced diet offers many health benefits, certain foods that may be considered healthy can harm your teeth. Here are a few common foods that you most likely eat even though they are eating through your teeth.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them an excellent addition to your diet. However, tomatoes can also be problematic to your teeth and gums if they are consumed in large quantities.

Tomatoes contain acidic properties that can wreak havoc on your teeth. The acids erode tooth enamel, reducing the protective coating on the teeth. Without a strong layer of enamel, food and bacteria can seep through the tooth pulp, increasing the risk of cavities and decay.

It is also important to note that constant consumption of tomatoes can stain the teeth due to bright red colors. Eating tomatoes, tomato sauces, condiments, and even drinking tomato juice can all increase your risk of tooth discoloration and stains.

If you cannot live without tomatoes, make sure to drink water in between eating this acidic food. Or, mix the tomatoes with other ingredients or add to salad to reduce your exposure to the acids.


An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it will not protect you from the dentist.

Apples contain large amounts of sugar, which most people know can be bad for your teeth. Sugar erodes tooth enamel, but it can also dry out the mouth. A decrease in saliva creates a warm, dry environment that is the perfect breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria.

While a lot healthier than cookies and candy, the sugar in apples can lead to dental decay and variety of other issues affecting your oral health.


Coffee and soda both contain caffeine, which many people require to be productive. Unfortunately, coffee and soda are both known to erode tooth enamel, cause cavities, and stain the teeth, so you may have started drinking tea as a healthier alternative.

Dark tea and tea infused with lemon or ginger contain high levels of acids, which will eat through your teeth over time. In addition, the darker pigments in dark teas can stain your teeth.

If you want to continue enjoying a cup of tea each day, be sure to drink water in between your sips of tea. Also, brewed tea is your best option for avoiding tooth erosion because the brewing process decreases the acidic content.

You may never have thought these foods could be bad for your oral health. To learn more about fighting erosion, decay, and stains, talk to your dentist today.