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Common Questions About Using Sedation Dental Services

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Dental treatments can be somewhat stressful for patients to undergo. This is particularly applicable for individuals that suffer from dental or other medical related anxieties. Being fully informed about the full range of treatment options that are available can make it easier to get the type of care that you need while also managing your anxieties and stresses.

Is Sedation Dentistry Only Useful For Patients Undergoing Oral Surgery Procedure?

Sedation dental care is one of the most common and effective options for individuals that suffer from intense anxieties about receiving dental care. However, individuals may not fully take advantage of this option due to assuming that only patients that are undergoing surgery will need to be sedated. In reality, sedation can be used in a wide variety of situations. In particular, using it to help patients manage their anxieties can be an affordable and highly effective option for helping these individuals to get the care they need.

Are All Types Of Sedation Dentistry Provide The Same Level Of Sedation?

The amount of sedation that each patient will require can be extremely different. Each patient's particular level of anxiety will be a major influence in this determination. For patients with minor dental anxieties, a light sedative may be sufficient for allowing the patient to comfortably receive their treatment. However, those with more intense anxieties may require a stronger sedative. Prior to undergoing this type of treatment, ti can be best to discuss your particular anxiety levels and triggers with the dentist as this will help them to gauge the amount and strength of the sedative that you will require.

Will There Be Any Lingering After Effects From The Sedation?

When a dental patient suffers from this type of anxiety, they may be aware of the benefits of sedation dentistry, but they may avoid utilizing this option due to assuming that it will have lasting after effects. In reality, the effects of sedation dentistry will fade relatively quickly. Many patients will find that the sedative has completely worn off within a few hours. For individuals that need stronger sedatives, these effects can take longer to wear off, which may need to be considered when scheduling your appointment. Your dentist will be able to provide you with an estimated time for the effects of the sedative to wear off as well as a recommendation as to whether you will be able to return to work. While these sedatives will wear off fairly quickly, patients will need to arrange for transportation home as they will need longer before they are in a condition to operate heavy machinery.