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The Best Features About A One-Visit Crown

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Placing a dental crown for a tooth is one of the top ways that dentists save teeth that otherwise would have to be removed. A dental crown strengthens and protects an existing tooth due to the way it is made and the material it is made from, but getting a dental crown is usually something that requires multiple visits to a dentist. Some dentists now offer them in just one visit, though, and here are the best features of one-visit dental crowns.

Less Trauma

When a dental crown requires two or more visits, you will have to go through oral trauma at each visit. Each visit will require getting your mouth numbed so that the dentist can work inside your mouth without hurting you, and each visit will require sitting in a dental chair with your mouth propped open. If you despise dental work and having to deal with numbing in your mouth, you will appreciate a one-visit crown. With a one-visit crown, you will still have to go through the trauma of one visit, but you will only have to do this for one visit instead of multiple visits.

No Temporary Crown

Another feature that is considered a great feature of a one-visit crown is that it will not require the use of a temporary crown. While a temporary crown is not horrible to have, it can be uncomfortable and awkward; however, a temporary crown is necessary when a dental crown procedure requires multiple visits. If you want to eliminate the need to have a temporary crown in your mouth for a period of several weeks, you can do so if you choose a dental clinic that offers one-visit crowns.

Faster and Less Time-Consuming

The other top feature of getting a one-visit crown is that it is much faster and less time-consuming. While it may take a couple of hours to get the crown, you will only need to visit the clinic one time. This means that you will have to take off work less, drive less, and sit in a waiting room for less time to get the exact same result. If your time is valuable to you, choosing a one-visit crown is a lot better of an option than a standard crown that requires multiple visits.  

If you are looking for a clinic that offers one-visit dental crowns, call around to find one today. Getting a one-visit crown will be faster, and you will experience less trauma from it. For more information, contact a local clinic like David Russell DDS, Inc