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Your Child And Their Thin Teeth

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There are many things that can lead to a breakdown in the enamel of teeth. Some of these things include age and the foods you eat. However, thinning enamel in kids generally has to do more with dental conditions. Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is one such condition, and all four main types of AI can cause someone to have thin teeth. If your child has a condition such as this that has caused them to have thin enamel, then you'll want to know what can be done and why you should be seriously considering taking action as soon as you can. Here is information for you to consider.

Some things need to be put off for young children

If your child is still young, then their teeth will still be growing. When a child is around 13, they will likely have lost all of their primary teeth and have all of their permanent teeth in. However, it will take longer for their teeth to come in all the way. Therefore, any permanent treatments for thin enamel should be postponed until the dentist can verify their teeth have completely come in.

Treatment is very important

Especially in kids, making sure they have as much protection for their teeth as possible is extremely important. Your child will have many years to use their teeth. Every day, they will be doing something that will cause more wear and tear, such as eating and drinking. They will also brush their teeth, which is very important to their oral health, but which also causes wear over the years. Enamel protects against dental problems by protecting against that wear. When your child has thin enamel, their dental health will be at risk as they will be more susceptible to everything from cavities to broken teeth.

Your child will also have teeth that don't look like nice and white. Instead, they may have pitted teeth and teeth that are dark in color. This can affect everything from how they feel about themselves to how they are perceived by everyone they come into contact with.

There may be different treatment options

You will likely have a decision to make when it comes to how you proceed with your child's treatment. The dentist may present you with options such as having veneers put on their teeth or placing crowns on their teeth. These options not only offer added protection but also give the dentist the opportunity to transform the look and color of your child's teeth.

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