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Worried About a Root Canal? 5 Ways to Reduce Fears

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Many people fear the idea of getting a root canal. And, sadly, unnecessary anxiety over this important dental procedure can result in putting off getting help or damaging your health with worry. How can you reduce your fears and have a more positive and successful experience? Here are five things any patient can do.

1. Talk to Your Dentist.

Share your anxieties with your dental professional. Ask them to explain exactly what will happen so you understand it. Fear is often a product of not knowing what to expect, and a better understanding will alleviate unneeded worries. Let the dentist and their assistants know what specific concerns you have so they can help address them. 

2. Eat Properly and Get Rest.

When they worry about an upcoming procedure, many people fail to take care of themselves. However, protecting your health and wellbeing keeps you in good condition to have fewer complications and recover faster. So eat healthy, filling meals before your appointment. Drink plenty of water. And do what you can to get full nights' sleep. 

3. Plan for Your Recovery.

Prepare ahead for when you come home after your root canal so you know that you will be comfortable and ready. Ask for antibiotics and painkiller prescriptions in advance. Plan meals you enjoy that are soft and easy to eat. Prepare food, snacks, and beverages at home beforehand. Take recommended time off and free up your schedule as recommended by your dentist. 

4. Don't Obsess Over the Procedure.

It's easy to become sidetracked by worry and fear. But do your best not to become obsessed over your procedure. Avoid the temptation to look online for information rather than consult your dentist. Don't engage with those who want to share horror stories about other procedures. And take your mind off the subject by doing things you enjoy with loved ones. 

5. Bring Your Comfort Items. 

Prepare for your appointment by making yourself a care package of personal relaxation aids. This could be headphones with a personally-selected playlist, a fuzzy blanket from home, or even a visualization or meditation app. There is no right or wrong way to relax before and during dental work, so use what works for you. 

Where to Start

Consult a local dentist if you have more questions about getting a root canal. With their help and experience, you'll find the combination of preparation methods that work best for your concerns. Call today to make an appointment.