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Signs You Need To Have Your Gums Treated

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Gum disease is a condition that you should never ignore. The condition can get out of hand pretty fast. That said, you must get gum disease treatment as early as possible. Once you get treatment, you won't need to fret about tooth loss. Here are a few indicators that you need gum disease treatment.

Constant Bad Breath

In most cases, bad breath can be eliminated by brushing or flossing often. Alternatively, you can pay for a professional dental cleaning service. However, if your breath is still stinking, you might have problems with your gums. That said, you must see a dentist to check if your gums are infected. If they are, you'll need to get gum disease treatment as soon as possible. It's the only way to fix your never-ending bad breath.

Loose Teeth

As you know, the gums and jaw bones are responsible for holding your teeth in place. And if your gums get infected, your teeth may become weak. Some gum infections can cause the gum line to disintegrate, leaving some of your teeth vulnerable. So, if you notice loose teeth, you'll need to treat the gums before the teeth fall out.

Pus on the Gum Line

Another sign that your gums are infected is the presence of pus in and around some teeth. So, if you notice pockets of pus forming around your gums, you must rush to the dentist. Pus is always associated with bacterial infections. As such, you must have your gums treated before the infection develops into periodontal disease.

Swollen or Reddish Gums

Unless you have undergone a tooth extraction, root canal, or any other procedure, your gums shouldn't swell. Unfortunately, infections might cause your gums to swell or become inflamed. So, if you notice your gums are swollen or a bit reddish, you should get gum disease treatment. Don't assume that the swelling will subside by itself.

Receding Gums

Receding gums are yet another sign that's worth highlighting. Unless your gums have a problem, they should never recede. So, always check your gum line to see if it's receding. You can also check your teeth to see if the roots are being exposed. Once you catch the problem early, you should get treated to avoid ruining your smile.

Bleeding Gums

The most common sign of gum infections is bleeding. Infected gums are always sensitive and can easily bleed when brushing or eating. So, if your gums have been bleeding a lot lately, don't ignore it. Go to a dentist instead and get treatment.

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